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The Gastroenterology Clinic in the hospital is concerned with diagnosing and treating internal diseases and health problems related to the internal body systems.


The hospital's dental department provides dental care services, including diagnosis, treatment, and preventive oral health care


The Orthopedics Department at the hospital provides specialized services for the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases related to the musculoskeletal system

Brain Scans

Comprehensive medical care

All of our departments provide world-class healthcare services in a range of specialties to help prevent, treat and manage common and complex medical conditions

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Doctor and Patient

We care about your health

Insurance companies

We accept most major insurance companies in Egypt. We understand the importance of providing patients with affordable and accessible healthcare services. Therefore, we are working hard to contract with a wide range of leading insurance companies in the Egyptian market

The best medical care in the area

Our medical care is the best in the region, providing you with high quality and comprehensive medical services. We use the latest technology and highly qualified and experienced medical professionals to ensure that you get the healthcare you deserve. Whether you need an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, or comprehensive management of your medical condition

Specialist doctors

Our team is made up of specialized doctors with high experience in various medical specialties. Our medical specialists work with great dedication and care to diagnose and treat complex conditions, providing high quality medical care to our patients. We are committed to providing the best healthcare services to the community


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Medical and Diagnostic Services

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